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Something To Chew On

The next time you see a cute little bunny munching on some nice, leafy greens consider this- in a few hours the rabbit will be pooping out those greens only to eat them again. You see, rabbits practice coprophagia, meaning they ingest their own feces.

OK, so technically what the rabbits are ingesting are called “cecotropes”, and they are not exactly the same as feces. They are moist masses of partially digested food that just happen to come out of the same orifice as feces. The rabbits are able to absorb much more nutrition from the “food” as it makes its second trip through their digestive system. It’s really an amazing adaptation… one that I’m thankful I do not share.

Eastern Cottontail Eating So the next time you have a child or adult that is refusing to eat their vegetables, just tell them to look at the bright side. At least they’ll only have to eat them once.